Friday, 16 March 2018

💥 Something For Your M.I.N.D. 🐋❗

Wow I have not blogged a single darn post in 2018. Shocking behaviour on my part, I've had some great imaginary posts though. 

Blogger is so dead. Long live blogging.

Ya so January, February, and half of March happened. I went on a long train journey, I went to a Paramore concert, my sister came to stay and we shared a bed like old times, I did lots of Christian Union things, did our 2nd year Fine Art show, and wrote an essay. I bought a diary so I can keep track of LIFE. 

It snowed and it was THE BEST.

I got kinda into kitsch, see my art tumblr for more of that. Also see my other (better) tumblr because I've been more active on it since partaking in my Instagram abstinence for Lent. I don't really miss Instagram, generally it doesn't cross my mind. I've made a collection on my phone of all my best pics from this 40 day period and I'm thinking of making something with them.

This is the installation/collection I put into the art show:

Here's a playlist I've been collating over the past couple of months, some absolute bangers right here:

And this is my new favourite band that I literally just discovered. I'm blown away, they're such a meme.

Loads of other stuff too, but yeah whatever, just stopping by.

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