Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Hey friends, it's been a hot minute since I last posted. I think three months? That might be the longest I haven't posted for. I don't know and I don't actually care. This is just a casual thing. 

It feels unnecessary now that I update instagram so much but this blog is a cute little thing that I don't want to let go of. It's kind of sad that blogs seem to be dying out, most of the ones I used to read are now neglected and nonexistant. I think I feel determined to keep this going in the same way I stubbornly buy physical CDs and miss reading actual magazines rather than online articles. It feels strangely old-fashioned, ah millennial life.

Yo I'm still alive and kicking (see featured pics of me being an odd lemon at the beach), life is good and busy. So what has happened since I last posted ? I saw Nick Mulvey, I cut a fringe, I'm now the proud owner of a boyfriend, I cooked chicken for the first time in my life, I watched Harry Potter (also for the first time in my life), I'm currently making an installation...more on that on my arty blog which has had a recent revamp .

Oh a big thing, I went to Venice! Nearly forgot that one lol, I'm planning to do a post with some of my favourite artworks from the Venice Biennale. Maybe I'll get round to that one day.

Onto the important stuff: music. I fell in love with Rae Morris. Her music is catchy as heck, so fun and dancey. I want to be her friend, she seems so NICE. An actual ray of sunshine (no pun intended). I was obsessed with Do It and listened to it on repeat for like two weeks, I can't explain it but it made me so HAPPY. Such good vibes, so much colour.

I'm going to see Paramore in January and Björk in June so that is super duper exciting !!! Still loving Paramore's most recent album, and Björk's Utopia came out the other week so that's cool.

I've also been listening to Wolf Alice, Nick Mulvey, Enya, Aerosmith, IKO, PJ Harvey, JP Cooper...I consume so much music these days, I think I need to slow down! At the moment I'm in a lovely, nostalgic phase of watching Florence and the Machine videos. My love for that band will never die.

Anyway, that was just me popping in to document my existence. Merry Christmas!

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