Friday, 15 September 2017

Miscellaneous Sketchbook // Part 4

Summer is over and so is my doodley sketchbook! Here's the final instalment:

Cool! That's that. It's interesting looking back at the first part as my doodles have now become much more colourful and much less minimalistic (if I was ever minimalistic). For some reason I feel compelled to fill in all the white spaces. I think I may be able to use this little book for inspiration this year as I start back at uni. Speaking of which, I'm back in Falmouth now and I'm all moved into my new room which is A DREAM and everything is nice and fun.

P.S for the sake of documentation, I turned 20 in July. I probably won't get round to doing one of those year recap/summer post thingys that I used to do but summer was good, and so was the age of 19. 

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