Saturday, 12 August 2017

Crazy plant lady

Not gonna lie, I kind of forgot I even had a blog. But what better way to come back than with a bunch of plant pics! I'm here to update you on my plant family, I can't tell you how much it has changed since my post last year! The collection has expanded, I've lost a few, and the plants themselves have grown massively. I came home from a week away last week and was so surprised how different some of them looked even after that short time! I feel like a proud mum, noticing all the changes in my growing children. This summer I started using a cactus and succulent feed so it must be doing its job!

Look at this forest! I'm continually amazed at how much plants just want to grow and survive (more on that later!).

Believe it or not, this towering thing is a baby from another plant...the babies are now bigger than the original plant was when I first got it! So cool.

I have a few pots of leaves and cuttings that I am propagating. Some of them have come off my own plants, but a lot of them I've picked up from garden centres! Either on the floor or on shelves, I figured they would just be thrown away so it was ok for me to take them and try to grow them!

This funny bobble-head cactus has become one of my favourites! It used to be very small and thin (and with no bobble) but it seems so have gotten much more fat and green recently.

My carnivorous plant is also really cool. It began as a little sprout inside that plastic pot and this is how it looks after a year!

I looove this tentacle guy! He is the only survivor out of the six plants I got at The Cactus Shop last year so he's special. 

Lots of small babies growing.

These ones are great, I now have three this size and then the big one that they came from. They are super reliable, they just grow and never look stretched or unhealthy. They rock.


More propogation pals.

This one is so odd, I actually don't know where it came from! It just started growing one day. It looks pretty freaky too. Those small leaves on each big leaf drop off and start growing into individual plants! Crazy.

That cactus arm extending from the little body has been slowly but steadily growing over the past year, I can't believe how big it is now! Such a wonky lil reject plant haha.

Not much to say about this guy apart from he's got big and fat.

More cuttings.

I'd say this one has tripled in size, and look at those little ones peeking out.

Cool cacti just doing their thing.

My Chlorophytum is getting kinda bushy, I bought a nice macrame hanger so that it can spread out and stop getting it's leaves caught on things.

One of my newest additions is a lil Peace Lily :-) I'll be honest I was definitely influenced by Hot Fuzz.

This funky thing is another survivor! It had a case of mealybugs so after some internet research I tried to treat it got rid of the bugs, but it also made the leaves go black and fall off so that's great. But remember what I said earlier about plants being just desperate to survive? Look at this guy! Barely a stalk left and then it goes and shoots some new baby leaves and carries on! Nature is so flipping amazing!

My newest plant is this pink one, I think it's actually an outdoor plant so I'll probably put it into a big pot in the garden soonish. But isn't it pretty?

This one is soo tall and lanky that I have to use sticks to keep it upright!

Finally, a nice, round, spiky character which I picked up doing my food shop in Lidl. Nice.

Look at this cute succulent pin I found yesterday! I also received multiple cactus related clothing items for my birthday last month, such as these socks. I have to say, I liked cacti before they were trendy lolol. 

Bye for now!

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  1. the first succulent is beaut wow!!
    I am currently trying to pot on some of my succulents (hoping that soon I have a lil family) but I'm not sure how well its working...
    I love having a bit of nature in my room!