Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Miscellaneous Sketchbook // Part 3

Hello and welcome to the third instalment of doodle journal/sketchbook/felt tip party. I don't have many pages left now so there'll just be one more update after this before I start on a new book. Waheyyy I never finish sketchbooks!

I have a slight obsession with drawing repetitive shapes, especially these bubbly circles.

Some pencil drawings of a few of my friends.

Collage enters the doodle sketchbook! Exciting times!

(Any Holby City fans?)

Unlike the last couple of years (see here), I didn't really get into Glastonbury this time around.  I started catching up on iPlayer but never really bothered to watch all the ones I planned to. I don't know why, I guess I've been busier this year and for some reason it didn't seem so important and exciting.

Some sweets that my stepdad brought back from France, very aesthetically pleasing wrappers 👌(will become coool collage)


  1. real talk I'd actually buy your journals, you're acc out of this world. Inspiring me to go out and buy a new journal as mine has just finished!! love it as always!! xx