Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hit me with lightening!

Hello. My name is Bethany and I'm madly into Paramore's new song, Hard Times. I'm a bit of a die hard Paramore fan (see here lol) so that's no surprise but this video is just ? so ? me ? I am usually slightly wary when one of my favourites puts out something new because I never believe that anything can be as good as their old stuff, I don't want to be disappointed. But that never actually happens, yeah new stuff is different but different is cool and exciting. Some initial notes I made:
  • THE COLOURS are so my aesthetic
  • like my colour outfits e.g pink trousers
  • the black and white
  • the illustrations, doodles are life
  • THOSE triangles 
  • the skeleton
  • the lads <3
  • Hayley is glorious
  • Taylor’s/my coat
  • fun but depressed kinda? lol at life kind of thing
  • soOo catchy, dancey yes
  • primary colours
  • geometric shapes
  • exaggerated mime actions

Basically I'm just fangirling so hard. I went all out getting dreamy are these pastel colours?

I love triangles, they are one of my go-to things to doodle when I'm in a lecture or something. The whole stage set-up with the patterned walls is just NICE.

The skeleton is my favourite.

Zac's back, heck yeah!

You may have noticed my preoccupation with the colour yellow, well the amount of yellow in this video is very pleasing. In fact, yellow, blue, and pink is just a winning combination. SO GOOD.

I'm feeling inspired to create some colourful outfit combos, colourful and also monochrome, and playful, and's my feels in gif form kinda:

Ahh this new Paramore vibe is great. I'm PROUD. Such wonderful, wholesome musical goodness. Such satisfying colour schemes and wiggly animation. Hayley's look is on point, some super honest lyrics, groovy dance rhythm. So joyful. I'm thriving. Oh and the different coloured eyeshadow ? Iconic.


  1. omg i love it all! The aesthetic is so cool! Gonna have to watch the vid - not a huge paramore fan, I used to like their music when I was younger though. X

  2. I'm ashamed to say that I don't think I've even heard the song, but, thanks to you, I'll go change that now!

    I love the creativity of the video though (from what I've seen from your screenshots). The silhouette of the girl with the bright streaks is really great!


  3. I literally just heard this song a few days ago, and the first thing I looked for was what Hayley Williams had done to her hair. In true Paramore style. :)
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    1. Yes! I'm loving her hair at the moment!

  4. Great post! I'm absolutely in love with Paramore's new album and I've had it on repeat since the day it came out. The whole style, sound, and look of this new "era" is absolutely great haha, and I really liked the different outfits you put together!

    - Jo