Saturday, 8 April 2017

Brand new sounds in my mind

A week ago I handed in all of my uni work so I'm pretty much done for my first year, isn't that mad!? I feel simultaneously like I've been in Falmouth forever and like I've only just started. It's exciting to have no more work to do though, and also weird.

Here's a playlist of recent jams, you can have a listen whilst you scroll down:

This is a coool sculpture I made from old toys and random found bits and bobs. Creepy childhood stuff is my aesthetic.

Just chillin in my studio space, it won't be mine anymore when I go back after Easter so I'm glad I grabbed some pics whilst I could.

Here are some of my favourite pages from my reflective journal (colours and lines are everything atm):

This was my final set up, I decided to present my space as a whole as none of my pieces really exist on their own. The space is the piece. I think these photos make it look strangely eerie. (You can read more about my project on my tumblr blog).

I made a couple of videos too, I got this wacky screenshot when one glitched the other day. 

Some photos from by the pond outside my studio, I'm a little sad to be missing the tadpoles grow up over Easter.

To finish off here's a nice beach snap, see ya soon Fal!


  1. your lil space is so cute!!! i love love this, especially your childhood sculpture, so cool.

  2. Wow these photos are amazing, aswell as the sound aswell as these journal pages. Lots of love!!