Thursday, 8 December 2016

She's our friend and she's crazy!

Since I watched Stranger Things a month or so ago I had been planning on photographing an Eleven inspired outfit. I knew I had a few things in my wardrobe that would work but I just never found the time to do it, until now when my deadline is done and I'm finished for Christmas. Yay!

Pretty good, huh?

I'm the monster.

I suppose this counts as an outfit post, well it's the first I've done in a long time! Now that I've discovered this cool little area to use as a backdrop I may just try and get back into the habit. 

Have you seen Stranger Things? What did you think? I need more people to talk about it with!


  1. dude this is so cool!!!! my friends and i watched the season waayyyyy too many times. i love love these pictures

  2. I don't watch this serie, but you look very similar to the character! <3