Sunday, 13 November 2016

The fire inside my veins, the echo of my days

I have things to say but when I come to share them the hassle of constructing a blogpost slows me down and eventually stops me from doing anything at all. The thought of actually putting my feelings into words and arranging photos (especially when Blogger always messes up and makes the layout weird) becomes a huge obstacle. 

I was just thinking about this whole subject when I read Lil Ashton's post (she is such an inspiration to me oh my) which included this quote: "Creativity, blogs, ideas, and personality - all of that is bigger than a perfect aesthetic. Wonky angles and compositions, blur and grain, and crummy quality don't have to get in the way of sharing experiences and memories." So I'm going to try and keep updating this page and not let petty things stop me!

I don't really know where to start, so much has happened and I'm changing so much! But I'm forcing myself to make some sense of it all. Life is so good, every night when I'm writing in my journal I just find myself scribbling some variation of "LIFE IS SO GREAT! TODAY WAS SO FUN!". It's all going by in a blur.


One of the biggest things I am learning since being at university is to be sociable and spontaneous. I'm so excited to have friends! I've waited 19 years to have a bestie who lives nearby so I can just hang out at their house as if it's mine and lounge on their sofa eating ice cream and watching Twilight. Before uni I wasn't exactly lonely but I never really socialised, I just never felt like I'd found my people, you know? Now I feel like I have real friends with things in common and that's amazing. Whether we're raiding a skip for art supplies, watching Wallace and Gromit or korean dramas at 1am, having deep theological debates, or standing in silence watching fireworks, it's so fun! I'm also learning that labelling yourself isn't always helpful, the fact that I strongly clung to the "introvert" title has lead me to confusion because whilst I am enjoying living by myself and need that space, I just love people! I'm surprised at myself and how much I like being with people and making new friends, spontaneous plans aren't scary!

I've now got a tumblr blog for my artwork (uni work), I may give the layout etc a bit of a change as I'm not 100% happy with it but here it is anyway: 

Another life update...I finally watched Stranger Things thanks to my lovely friend and her Netflix account. Amazing!! All the feels!!!

I have been listening to lots of music, firstly Imogen Heap's album Ellipse, then the Coraline soundtrack, and also this extremely random playlist below. 

However, my favourite song at the moment is this one, I've been listening to it multiple times a day:

Some daily life snippets featuring outfits, artwork, sunrises, Autumny beauty and the poster I designed for our Christian Union meal:


As you can see I'm having fun, feeling super busy and blessed, despite the fact that I've been in bed ill all afternoon. But that has allowed to me catch up on The Apprentice and get this post done so there's always something to be thankful for!


  1. hi!
    I'm very happy for you life at uni, you must be having lots of fun with your new gang! Hope the things keep being good for you!

  2. looks like you're very happy and having so much fun!!! i have been through the same things regarding your friends part. i've recently found "my people" too and it's just so cool!!! cheers to happy days and awesome people!!!