Saturday, 22 October 2016

Out of focus / windswept yellow stickies

This post has been in the making for a few years! Not really but years ago someone asked me to share pictures of my journals here and even though I said yes, I never actually did. I realised that even though I love sharing my creativity online, my journals are just too private! I've been using journals to document my day-to-day life since 1st January 2013, I've now acquired a fairly hefty stack of them which live hidden away in boxes at home. The two in this post are the ones I have here with me at uni, one is recently finished and the other is my new, current one.

It only occurred to me today that there was a way I could share a peek into my journals without giving away all my precious secrets (lol). I'm not sure how you'll feel about these pictures, they'll either be annoying and mess up your eyes, or like me you might find it kind of refreshing to embrace the sort of blurry pictures that would naturally be deleted.

So there you go, a glimpse at my brain exploded into some notebooks (always without lines, very important). Scrappy, scribbly, post-it notes, receipts, doodles, and lots of words.

"The many windswept yellow stickies of my mind" - a relevant lyric from a beautiful Imogen Heap song:


  1. wow this is fabbb, and so inspiring too! I think I'm going to start one when i go to uni next year. i love the idea of these artsy/personal journals. great post! xo

    1. Thank you! You should definitely have a go! x

  2. Thank you for sharing your notebooks! It's nice because even you blurred, you had dared to share them! I really want to start doing a diary at this style ^^

  3. man this makes me want to journal way more!! i dont do it enough, but i feel like its very satisfying seeing your feelings and brain in pages. it was also cool to see your journal in its blurry state!!!

  4. Oh my, journal posts are always the best!!