Tuesday, 20 September 2016

EXCUSE ME but I JUST HAVE TO EXPLODE / first week @ uni

I started writing this post in my head on Sunday when I realised I had been living here, away from home, for a week. This week has been the longest of my life, the most social, and one of the most amazing, I've never been more sure of God's hand over my life. It feels long because part of me feels at home here, like I've been here forever, but I also feel like it has gone in the blink of an eye. Time is weird. I have met so many new friends in such a short space of time, surely it hasn't been only a week? I say 'friends' because so far I haven't met anyone who isn't lovely.

Last week was Fresher's Week so we didn't do any work but it was still busy. The only events I went to were Christian Union ones (parties aren't really my thing), I'm feeling more excited than ever to be a Christian! Yesterday was my first day of Fine Art, that's exciting too - it's so cool meeting interesting, creative people, hearing about their ideas and looking at their work. Our lectures start tomorrow which I am actually looking forward to.

Here are some photos to sum up my week, I haven't actually unpacked my camera since being here so they're phone pics ~

 My plants have a sunny home + I explored my way to the beach on my first day (ps got a nose piercing since my last post)

 Cool art in town + a freaky storm on Tuesday night 

Sweet record shop that had free Björk magazines + lol (didn't realise until putting this post together that I subconsciously replicated Björk's hair)

Church ft. smoke machine and nerf guns, CU is cool

Carboot sale haul (5 mins away from my house) + open mic night at Costa

 Spontaneous beach trip with a pal, the water is so clear and blue

The beach again (avec fire and marshmallows) + dumpster diving on our first day of Fine Art

I have been having cosy solo movie nights (hit me up if ya wanna talk about Lost in Translation or What's Eating Gilbert Grape yo) + snapchat filter courtesy of new phone

So yeah, it's nice here. Sometimes I get lonely when the house feels too quite but I'm getting used to it. Apart from some minor incidents (setting off the fire alarm and breaking the shower) everything is good. I'm excited to get a studio space to inhabit (that's what I do), whenever that may be, and to learn loads. To quote my journal "God is so good I can't even begin to explain it!" It's true, it's mind-blowing, God has gone before me and planned this journey way ahead and surrounded me with amazing people. HOORAY IT'S EXCITING!

These songs are everything:


  1. hi!
    i'm very happy of your new life at a new home, it's a great experience!
    You look very cool with your new piercing! ^^

  2. Omg everything you wrote about meeting new friends in such a short time and all that - it's exactly my current situation. I'm going to an artschool since last week and the people are so cool ahh, I also love the music you chose for this lovely post! :)


    1. Ahh thank you! Hope you're having a great time! x