Friday, 19 August 2016

There's no place that I'd rather go than somewhere that I've never been before

I didn't plan to be so absent from blogging this summer, but surprisingly I have ended up being so busy that I've hardly had time to even think about it! In between working a lot, meeting up with family, a few days out and a week camping I have just been enjoying the sunny weather (my usual Autumnal goth wardrobe has been untouched for months) and watching a lot of Pushing Daisies and Bob's Burgers. I am also getting ready to go away to university next month (lol when are you supposed to start feeling ready??) which has involved buying towels and a hand blender and questioning how many mugs one person really needs to bring with them (six so far).

I've always been one for update posts rather than 'little and often' blogging, so here's a summery update (P.S I'm trying out a new way of presenting photos, opinions please??):

Found things - some early blackberries and a mouse skeleton caught up in some dried grass.

Some moments from a week at New Wine, God taught me some v important things.

My hair is now a more faded ginger, I did some lil plaits.

My sweet No Face necklace, a moody early morning pic of my bed hair.

Some pretty nature at the park.

The beach, my leopard nails which only half survived going in the sea.

Some sights from our roadtrip across the moors.

Random moments from the last few weeks.

I'm also working on a summer project to hand in when I start uni, it's mostly observational drawings and found things. No promises but I do hope to share it on here soon!

I've just put together a playlist of some summer 2k16 tunes (my title quote is from Jackie Mendoza's dreamy Islands), here ya go:

I have some things to look forward to as well: my friend and I getting our noses pierced next week, going to London with my family the week after, and uni which is equal parts exciting and scary! As usual I have lots of plans for blogging and documenting so I'm going to try and make time for that, as well as learning the ukulele, and my undercut really needs a shave. I'm currently watching this Marina Abramović interview, isn't she so mind-blowing??

See you later pals, I hope you're having fun this summer. 
Bethany x


  1. Cuuutteee pictures!! I really love your new arrangement!!! And Bob's Burgers...yes...I've watched it all like 735127365 times hahahahha

  2. Ahh there's just too many cute things to comment them all so I'm just gonna say that I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!