Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Plant children ~ a little update

When I got back from a week's camping and went to check on my plants I was soOooOo excited to see how much they had changed! I'm like a proud mum watching my children grow up. All of them were noticeably bigger, even if just a tiny bit, but these photos show the most obvious changes.

These small fluffy bobbles are "limbs" off of a bigger cactus which fell off (when I dropped the cactus oops) so rather than letting them go to waste I decided to plant them and hope they grow. I haven't checked if there is any root growth yet but as you can see on the largest plant there is a new baby "limb" growing !! (I'm fairly sure they're not called limbs) Those two plants in the background are also pieces which broke off of larger plants and that I'm hoping to grow. The big round one I actually got from my job at a garden centre, I found it on the floor haha! I can see some roots growing from that one.

These are my propagation babies! Some have just roots, some have just leaves, but some have leaves and roots so they will hopefully keep growing into fully formed plants one day!

These two photos show the babies which are shooting up out of the soil in one of the pots. The parent plant is getting quite tall and these tiny ones just keep appearing!

These 3 cacti all look so different. Maybe it's only noticeable to me because I stare at them so much but they just look fatter, like they're really growing!!

This odd, crispy looking thing is a baby which grew on the side of another cactus, I separated it from its mum and planted it in its own pot but then it went all brown (it used to be green) so I really thought it was dying. I left it alone and then when I came back from camping a whole new baby was growing out of the bottom! I don't understand plants but they're really cool.

This is one of the craziest ones. You see that yellow plant? That's the plant which I originally got in that pot, but that tall, leafy one literally appeared in the pot too! It started off really small but it's grown so fast! I'm not sure if it's a weed but I'm just letting it do its thing for now.

Check out the new, little leaves growing at the top - cuuute!

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  1. awww I like to see how your cactus are growing, you look very proud about your plant family!