Friday, 15 July 2016

I would lick your wounds and care

Hello! These GIFs are from like a week ago but I'm going with the flow. I wanted to make one of those posts I like to make where I just share some recent music faves.

Petite Meller has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now, her songs are so joyful and dancey. Her videos are always just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, her new one, Milk Bath, is no exception. I now want to go to Senegal.

I featured Aurora not too long ago, still loving her. I Went Too Far is also quite a dancey song with a kind of self-love message I think. I like the contrast in it: the chorus vs the verses, the two sides of her shown in the video and the two very different landscapes. It was filmed in Iceland, how cool!! I especially love the scenes at the waterfall. Aurora was one of my inspirations to get an undercut and her hair looks so good in this video!

Very different from the first two songs but I have been a Skillet fan for quite a few years now. I really like Feel Invincible and I think they look so cool in the video, so badass and I LOVE John's beard, not gonna lie. Christian artists that are also cool is cool, rockstars that love Jesus is cool. Cool cool cool.

Tbh I had no idea about this group before I came across Shakey Ground, still don't actually. But this song is so good and super catchy! I like how it plays twice (saves you having to press play again!), once in English and then in French. Nice.

I think The Orange Monkey is my favourite song that I've heard so far from PJ Harvey's new album. Lots of people are moaning that her new stuff is too political, but I think it's interesting, apparently this one is about Donald Trump...I love the video, it kind of feels like exploring. You get some amazing footage of mountains and sky, and then see the detailed beadwork on someone's hat, aerial footage of a busy road, and then close-up with a man at the barbers. Always zooming in and out, there's probably a technical term for that.

Chvrches and Hayley Williams, two favourites together = a favourite. I'm definitely repeating myself in this post by saying "I love this song" but I love Bury It!! I'm just running out of words. The video is an animation, superhero, comic book style.

Another animated video for Lisbon. I still haven't gotten around to buying Wolf Alice's album even though I've been wanting it for ages. The video is pretty sad (but rad!!!) and the song is great, I love Wolf Alice!!!!!

I took these pics because I liked my outfit: 10/10 layering and cap inherited from my grandma. The messy plaits were inspired by Petite Meller and I was also eating a peach.

I used to take a lot more "outfit photos" and do outfit posts on my blog but I just have had no desire to do that recently. I often wear outfits that I think are cool and worth photographing but the pictures never turn out the way I imagine. It's hard to take good pictures of yourself and get the right lighting and everything. I think that's why I like these, they're webcam photos and webcam photos generally aren't "good" they're kind of old school and grainy which makes them cool. People use filters to get that kind of effect you know?? Webcams are also perfect for GIFs because the background scene doesn't change. Webcams for the win. Socks and sandals are also worth mentioning, and the fact that my tights are green although they appear black.

I like posts like these to just document and look back on in the future. I hope you found some new music to have a listen to, or just appreciated my peach eating.


  1. I love your layering and Petite Meller braids! I lover her songs and you're so right her videos are just stunning. She makes me want to go out and buy lots of dainty underwear.

    1. Thank you! Yes she is the queen of dainty underwear.

  2. What a cute outfit! I'm sure those songs are great but they just aren't allowed in my country ehh :( Anyway, those gifs you made are fun, posts to document the weirdness of our teenage- self are really the best! The last one reminded me of the movie 'The Diary of a teenage girl', idk why haha

    1. Thank you! Oh no that sucks :(
      Cool I will have to look that movie up!

  3. I love Aurora, and those gifs are so cute!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  4. that aurora song is just gorgeous! pug socks on point as well :-)
    - liliana x x x