Thursday, 12 May 2016

You don't have to be a ghost here among the living, you are flesh and blood and you deserve to be loved

It occurred to me the other day, as I was painting some shelves and listening to music, that it has been about six years since I discovered Florence + the Machine. I got their first album for my 13th birthday and I'll be 19 soon. It just got me thinking about how important this band is to me. F+TM have been my favourite band for so long now that it's hard to sum up why, they are just part of my life, familiar and comforting, I think of Florence a bit like a mum or a sister. 

Lungs was the first album I ever fell in love with, listened to on repeat, and knew all of the words to. I first starting picking up harmonies when singing along to The Dog Days Are Over and You've Got The Love, now harmonies come so naturally to me. My best friend and I used to play Cosmic Love on the piano, and we could spend ages discussing F+TM lyrics and working out what each song meant.

Lungs favourite song: Cosmic Love

It wasn't until the Ceremonials era, about 2 years later, that I finally got to see my favourite band live (photos in this post are from then). Amazingly enough, they actually came to my hometown. It was the best night, lots of happy tears. There's nothing like seeing your favourite band and realising that they are actually real life human beings that breath air and forget lyrics and sweat, you know?

Ceremonials favourite song: What The Water Gave Me (hello Frida Kahlo reference)

I was slightly nervous waiting for the release of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful last year, how could it live up to my expectations? But I needn't have worried, the album was better than I could have imagined. I'm not even going to try to put into words what it all means but I love it, for me it feels like a mixture between the playful, joyous, outdoorsy-ness of Lungs and the slightly more dark, impressive grandness of Ceremonials. The video for Third Eye came out recently which was pretty emotional and probably what sparked off all these thoughts.

HBHBHB favourite song: Third Eye 

I could probably discuss Florence + the Machine all day, but I just wanted to put some thoughts out there. I've been thinking about making this post for years but put it off because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it justice. Their music has helped me through a lot, and inspired me in so many ways, from my wardrobe to my art. I feel very proud to be a fan.

My entry for a poster competition last year, and a drawing that I sent for Flo's birthday along with a letter a few years ago (inspired by Tim Burton ofc).

Some more old drawings and things...the Lungs one was during a maths test at school, and the pencil portrait I was so pleased with because it was the first realistic portrait I ever drew. It's still in that gold frame haha.

I'll leave you with this video because it's brilliant (and the others in the series). I remember being really upset once and watching them until I stopped crying and fell asleep. 

Eternal thank yous Florence and the gang.


  1. This is such an amazing tribute post! I remember when Lungs came out and feeling like I'd never really heard music like that before. Especially Dog Days are Over. It's like optimism in music form. I love your poster entry too. It's beautiful x

    1. Thank you Aida! Yes that's how I felt about Lungs, I suddenly discovered music!