Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Return to the greenhouse

Here are some more photos from the greenhouse, it looks quite different from the last time I took photos in there.

Through this window you can just about see into my studio space.

My outfit is this sporty goth combo. Carboot sale denim jacket, Beetlejuice t shirt, the velvet skirt I DIYed a while ago, and trainers. I never thought I would be someone to wear trainers, I kind of hate trainers, but I got these for running and they are just so comfy that I've started incorporating them into all sorts of outfits. They are a nice colour as well.


  1. Beautiful photos, makes me want to visit a greenhouse!
    xx Alyssa

  2. Omg I love love love this outfit, and the atmosphere, plants just make everything look so much better! The tshirt you're wearing works so perfect with the denim and patches and the velvet skirt, ahh <3 <3 <3