Monday, 9 May 2016


I went on a solo trip to a carboot sale last week where I picked up a few cool items. Inspired by Tolly's blogpost about Fashion Revolution Day 2016, I decided to post my own #haulternative in celebration of buying second-hand which is FUN and ETHICAL!

Ok so don't laugh at me, but I am a big Twilight fan and this t-shirt is literally something I have wanted since I was eleven years old.

A big, black, soft, woolly jumper, an essential item for goths who also like to be snuggly. Even if it's not really the right season for jumpers.

Finally!! After keeping my eyes peeled for a denim jacket for a long time I finally managed to pick one up for just £1.

I was one of those stereotypical teenage Nirvana fans who only knew Smells Like Teen Spirit, so I decided to fix that.

I don't do summer clothes very well. During the rest of the year I can throw on ten layers and not care what goes with what, but when it starts to get warmer I am all like "I HAVE NO CLOTHES!" These shorts are promising though, they are high waisted and aren't short shorts, I feel like I could go adventuring in them.

I mentioned my uke in my previous post but here it is again, since then I have learned to play Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men and You Are My Sunshine by The Civil Wars (very slowly, I am still working on my strum pattern), so far so good.

I can't recommend second-hand shopping enough.


  1. Thrift shopping is definitely my preference for finding clothes!!! and i feel ya with the twilight shirt, i've been looking for one myself..hahahha. Caaauuuuteeee outfits!!!

    1. Haha thrift shops and twilight foreverrrrr