Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tout les choses dans mon sac à dos

Just popping in to share some pictures that I've been carrying around in the backpack of my brain. At the moment I like just capturing snippets of life, taking simple pictures without much of a subject matter. Just appreciating beautiful moments of normal life; shadows and light, lines and reflections, textures and details. I think starting to use manual focus has definitely added something to my photos recently, even if it's just forcing me to concentrate and take time to get the image just right.

I'll probably be posting some more artwork soon, and also I want to start taking outfit photos again like I used to. I'm quite busy at the moment but it's sunny outside so I'm getting kind of restless inside, I want to go out and find some grass and lie down. It'll soon be daisy chain time!!


  1. I've been doing this a lot, too!!! I love taking simple pictures throughout the day, they're the best ones. These photos are so simply pretty!!!

  2. I like your pictures, you show a lot of details of your life and it's interesting to see how you see the world, and how I love your socks!!
    I find very cool that you are studying spanish! If you want some help, let me know, I'll be very glad ^^ ¡Mucha suerte!