Saturday, 19 March 2016


On Tuesday 8th March, my sister and I went up to Cardiff to see Ellie Goulding on her Delirium World Tour, supported by John Newman and LANY. It was so so so so much fun. 

Glitter tights and Dr Martens are essential gig wear. Plus a surprise coffee whilst queuing, we managed to pass the time playing eye-spy and chatting to some Welsh girls that were behind us. Fortunately, although it had rained all day and rained all night afterwards, it was completely dry for the 1.5 hours that we were queuing (praise the Lord).

 My sister and I looking red and glittery and excited. We also accidentally matched with stripes. P.S. I tried to spell out her name with mu necklace but I only had one 'G'.

LANY were so cool, my sister and I were kind of in love. I hadn't actually heard them before then, and this was their first time performing in an arena. I'm sure they'll get big in the future, that's what usually happens with support acts (in my experience anyway!). 

John Newman was also really good, better than I expected actually. I don't know why, I think I have a (bad) tendency to assume I don't like music that's in the charts. But he's an amazing live performer and his band were great. He has some serious dance moves.

ELLIE GOULDING!!! Ok let's be real here, she is just flawless. Her voice is incredible, even when she is full on dancing and jumping everywhere, and she plays guitar, and she did about 4 outfit changes, and she's super cute and just a nice person. Plus she wore awesome platform Docs. Her dancers were great as well, and her band. (EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WAS JUST THE BEST OK!!!)


The insane amount of confetti from the last song and my Delirium hat which is probably the best thing I've ever bought, it's so comfy and doesn't look weird on my head like many beanies.

This video is all of my film footage from the evening condensed into less than 5 minutes, fun fun. I'm going to upload the full intro and finale onto Youtube as well so check back for that at some point.

If you ever have to opportunity to see your favourite musicians perform you should definitely do it, dancing and singing along to your favourite songs along with a huge bunch of strangers and lots of flashing lights is the one of the best experiences ever ever ever. That moment of anticipation before they actually appear on stage is probably the most exciting thing. I have been coping with the post concert blues by wearing glitter, listening to Ellie on my ipod and in the car, and looking though my pictures and videos. I know lots of people don't agree with using cameras at live events but I am 100% not one of those people! Being able to re-live something so memorable that I will never experience again is so so special to me. I don't even care that my photos are blurry and the sound quality is fairly terrible. I just don't care.

(All photos in this post are my own).

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