Sunday, 28 February 2016

You're making all things beautiful

 Heart eyes lava sky a few days ago:

This blog is, amongst other things, a record for me to look back on in the future. So I want to document the music I'm into at the moment, just for the sake of remembering.

Eisley - after following Sherri's instagram (aka cuteness overload) for ages I finally got around to listening to her music! They're an awesome family band and they have cool videos.

Bethel Music - I'm so excited to discover worship music that makes me really excited (I know worship isn't all about music ok ok). I like lots of worship music but Bethel are so RAW, man. I need rawness.

Lacey Sturm - one of my favourite singers just realised a new album and it rocks so hard!!!

Beth Croft - I recently rediscovered this CD which I bought in the summer and I've been listening to it lots.

Portishead - I can't believe I found Dummy for £1. So good.

P.S. I found a big pile of pictures from A Level photography. So I stuck them up. Then my mum told me to take them down. Haha. Good times. I just have an urge to fill space??? Give me a blank wall and it wont be blank for very long.

I also finished up my pots of green hair dye.

 Anyway, I hope you all have good weeks. I'm going to St Ives tomorrow!


  1. I like your idea to convert your log in something to see in the future as a past capsule...
    I love the scaner pictures ^^

  2. Thank you :-) i'm a bit obsessed with documenting everything haha

  3. Your hair looks so cool! And I can totally relate to the filling up wall space thing :p


  4. I follow Sherri's instagram, too and ohhhh mmmyyyy her whole family is so cute!!! And I definitely feel ya when covering up empty walls, I do that, too. I just love sticking everything and anything on my wall!!! + ur hair looks so cool, as always

    1. Yes! They're such a cute family!! Thank you :-)

  5. Beautiful sky pictures :)

    xx Alyssa

    1. Thank you! Though I can't really take any credit haha