Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Interconnection Project

This is my Interconnection Project. It was about 4 1/2 weeks long and I think it might be the most important project I've done so far. My previous work had always been figurative and portrait-based, so I wanted to steer away from drawing and try new things. I chose to base my project around documenting life, interconnecting life and art, something like that.

I made a tumblr blog which has all of the photographs and videos on it, in this post I'll share some of them!


I'm not going to make much of an attempt to organise this post, but the project mainly consisted of:
  •  making surfaces out of cardboard and other found materials
  • obsessing over white emulsion paint and PVA glue
  • collecting my own hair and using it everywhere
  • discovering a book by Alice Fox called 'Natural Processes in Textile Art' and subsequently experimenting lots with rust dyeing using found rusty metal and different teas
  • a site visit to the moors
  • making gifs exploring the idea that 'you change the world just by being in it'
  • making lots of (22) videos which document my project and also capture small details in life and compare the world and nature with art and my workspace, I also started recording sound and using it in videos
  • a series of scanner self-portraits 
  • collecting things in jars
  • taking a roll of film and developing photos in the darkroom
  • creating photograms with my jars and objects

Some of the artists that I have been looking at are:
  • Millie Brown
  • Arman
  • Molly Soda
  • Lil Ashton
  • Mona Hatoum
  • Joseph Cornell
  • Maya Deren
  • Richard Long
  • Ana Mendieta
  • Alberto Burri
  • On Kawara
  • Carina Úbeda

So I have kind of become all about textures, found objects, interesting use of materials, documentary, natural resources, hand-stitching...my tutors keep saying I have an "aesthetic" which is definitely something that has developed over this project. I really wanted to share all that I've been doing recently and try to put into words how my art has been changing. It's weird because a couple of months ago everything I did was about drawing, but now it's just one way of doing things. Midway through the project I stopped using colour because it just wasn't working, it looked forced and tacky and I realised I was just using it for the sake of it. But then I began experimenting with rust and tea which brought a whole range of natural colours which I found suited me much better. I had to get all this out before I start my next project, even though it will be linked with everything I've started and learned through Interconnection. My only problem now is narrowing down all my experimenting and choosing a theme that will last for the whole of my Final Major Project.

After years of blogging I finally learned to embed playlists so now I will be doing that all the time!! Here are some recent loves:



  1. this looks amazing! I really love seeing and reading about your process and the other artists you look at and are influenced by. Your workspace is really visually stimulating too! I'm obsessed with seeing artists work!


    This Kid Is Alright

    1. thank you! yes i love seeing workspaces too x

  2. Your project look sooo interesting! I really want to know how you continue with it.

    1. thank you! i'm sure i'll update my blog later and you can see more!