Saturday, 9 January 2016

A stylistic mess

I'm currently doing research. I have lots of ideas for this next project, I can kind of sum up what I want to do but I don't know how to get my ideas out and make them into one coherant project yet.


I discovered Lil Ashton just yesterday, she is very cute and very cool and has inspired me by the sheer amount of stuff she had put out into the world. Paintings, music, vlogs, writing, diary pages, self-portraits, collages, not to mention she blogs should check her out if you haven't already. I love her scanner adventures series, so I decided to have a go.

So cool !!! Much detail, very intrigue. As you can see, my hair is now mouldy and swampy but still green, kind of like the colour of one of these when you mix up the two colours:

Anyway, since it's a new year and all (not really why) I finally got rid of the white borders which were around all my blog images. I hated them so I don't know why it took years for me to Google how to remove them. I'm also thinking that I might make a new header because:
  •  that kitten is now an adult cat 
  • those jelly shoes died ages ago
  • that drawing is OLD 
  • the t-shirt is retired from use (it's still my favourite but I'm too worried the holes will get bigger and it will fall apart) 
I started a series, I don't know how long I'll carry it on for, but this is me on days 1-9 of January 2016. Actually I missed day 7 so I took two on day 8 but that's ok. It'll be fun to look back on anyway, and remember things attached to each outfit, like my friend telling me (on day 8) that my outfit was a stylistic mess. Tbh that is what I aim for.

Last week we had a recycling mini project where we brought in rubbish from over Christmas and basically acted like children for a few days just playing and sticking stuff together. My work consisted of a tower of boxes, some dripping paint, a few paper was fun. Also, my space looks pretty when the suns shines through the window.

I think I've decided to try to post more pictures here from now on (I said TRY) because I take so many and they go to waste when only I see them. Ps I match that dinosaur.


  1. I love the images with the scanner, so frickin' cool!!! And I love your day-to-day outfits, it looks so awesome all together, I definitely want to take more outfit pictures. Your pictures are always so so cute.

  2. Yes Lil blog is the best thing ever! I really like her <3<3<3

    Moth And Poppy

  3. I love the pictures you took of the recycling! Also, wearing weird outfits is the coolest thing ever :)


    1. Thank you! And yes, everyone should do it haha