Wednesday, 16 December 2015

This constant noise all the time

 The title lyric is from this song which is my favourite song as of today (it will be different tomorrow), I listened to it on repeat on the bus home. So dreamy.

 Anyway, hello, hi, time to blog again. I am currently in a state of not being very busy so I'm planning to update this page slightly frequently (?) (maybe?). This is the last week before the Christmas holidays waheyyy, and I've finished all my work so that's exciting. Other exciting things are that I got a place to study Fine Art at university next year and I also passed my driving test! Crazy. 

Accurate summary of feels:  

A piece of sewing I did as part of my last project which started of as a daily journal and transformed into a kind of installation. I got quite into video as well by the end which was cool and definitely shows how my work has changed since I started the foundation course. Yo I'm a fine artist now. 

The first video is a time lapse of my space:

 This one is an evaluation of the project:

I just dyed my hair green again ٩(^‿^)۶ and I have some ideas to share so I'll see you soon, just a quick update today. Oh, actually I feel the need to add that I discovered PJ Harvey today and well, that probably means a new obsession for me. She is too cool.


  1. PJ Harvey is life and that quote is awesomely, sadly beautiful :) xoxo

    1. Yeah I'm excited to discover more of her work! Thank you :-) xx

  2. Your handwriting is so nice. I love your videos too especially the evaluation. It was really interesting to hear (read) your thoughts on your own work


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