Thursday, 18 June 2015

Trees and people used to be good friends

It's day 7 of my summer holiday and so far I've kept up with the 'something meaningful every day' thing. I've not really done anything out of the ordinary, but because I'm easily amused and very sentimental it doesn't matter. I recently discovered a forest that's really close to my house (the forest I got lost in when I was running, if you follow me on instagram haha) so I decided to go for a walk the other morning. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to take some photos.  

(I can't stop thinking of this Florence Welch moment, at 11.56 in this video, it's literally 4 seconds long so check it out...


 ...look I even made a gif because it's such a perfect moment)

 I opted for a really simple outfit. The jeans I've shown here before and the sandals I got for my birthday last year, they were a bad choice though because it got a little muddy in places and they're quite difficult to walk in especially on uneven ground! The top is a recent purchase, it was in the sale and I really liked it, I tried it on and still liked it but I just don't like spending money so I put it down and left the shop. But then I decided that I did want it so I went back and luckily it was still there so yay.

*listening to How Big How Blue How Beautiful*

Sometimes I forget what a nice place I live in. I recommend you all go out and appreciate some nature, nature is awesome. It made me very thankful, I kept thinking about how God did such a good job (◠‿◠✿)

Ahh so much green, I love it.

I met an old man whilst I was out, usually I just try and hide from people but his dogs came up to me and then he started talking. But he was nice and was telling me about a hare that he often sees around here and  pointed me in the direction of where he saw it that morning, he said it would make a lovely photo. But sadly I never saw it.

 Apart from the man, I didn't see another person the whole time.

 Yeah so that was my little outing, and this is me feeling very happy about it.

In other, brief news, I discovered FKA twigs, or rather rediscovered her. When she first emerged I wasn't really a fan, but sometimes I guess it takes a second discovery to appreciate something? Anyway, I think she's really cool and has a really interesting, intelligent way of talking about music. This is my favourite video of her, because of the song but also her look/oufit and the beautiful setting of the Mayan Ruins:

And I finally watched My Neighbour Totoro!!! Of course I loved it very much so I had to do some drawings (that's where the title quote of this post is from as well). Plus I watched some Daria the other day so I'm also loving that at the moment. I wish I was friends with Daria and Jane.


As always, thank you for stopping by, I love reading your comments!


  1. Your photos are so pretty! twigs is the best - I know what you mean actually, at first I was sceptical but now I idolise her! Hide is such a beautiful song and video x

  2. Ah, we've got woods nearby too, they're beautiful. Cool, I love Daria! And your drawings are amazing! xooxo

  3. i love those photos! that forest is so beautiful. also 100% yes to turtlenecks on mom jeans everyday.

    // kani

    1. thank you, yep if it wasn't so warm out i'd wear this combo everyday haha x

  4. this post has the aBSOLUTE best vibe!!! your outfit is killer and the forest is so lovely and whimsical
    bella xx