Saturday, 7 March 2015

Neglected Space

I started writing this post back when I was still on a high from last weekend when I went exploring. But then a bunch of things happened and life got busy, but I'm back and I'm still excited.

Neglected Space by Imogen Heap is a song which is sung/spoken from the perspective of an abandoned building. The first time I heard it I found it kind of scary, I guess it's quite unusual and I was still new to Imogen Heap. It also took me a few listens to actually understand who was speaking. Now I LOVE it. 

Here, play it while you read on.

For ages I've been dreaming of using it in my art somehow. Now I finally have a use for it!!!

It. Is. Amazing.

Visiting this place was an awesome experience, I can't explain it. I totally understand why people get hooked on urban exploration! I want to explore everywhere!! 

It's so eery, the wind blows and you can hear things moving, you freeze, thinking there's someone there when there isn't. But after a while you begin to settle in and just enjoy it. I didn't want to leave, there was just so much to look at and it's so beautiful and so full of character, I wanted to keep taking photos of everything.

One of my favourite things about neglected space is how nature slowly but surely begins to reclaim the area, taking over and giving new life to long forgotten corners and creeping through the weathered cracks. Everything's overgrown.

 Like this song, I think it fits the abandoned house vibes really well actually, it's kind of grimy, and hauntingly beautiful, and fragile. And creepy as, I mean those ghosty things? They actually scared me, if I saw them in a deserted building I would freeeeak.

It's looks pretty dull and unassuming from the outside, right? But inside was a different story. So much colour.

 One of my favourite rooms was  this bright pink one.

 I think I aced the urban explorer look with my green trousers, khaki coat and Dr Martens.

This, below, is one of my favourite photos from the day.

 It fits perfectly with one of the lines from Neglected Space which inspired me to create something with it in my art lesson yesterday.

It is so simple, but I think it's one of my favourite things I've ever done!

Here's a few other things from my sketch book, all using Imogen Heap's lyrics:

For my project I picked the theme 'interiors' which I can obviously link to the inside of this building, however portraits are my fave to do so I'm going to link the two somehow. This is what I wrote in my book "I'm interested in giving a face and a personality to a building, perhaps one that seems to have been forgotten, looking at their 'interior', what they would be thinking if they could."

I hope you liked my photos and they inspired you to go and explore!

Bethany x


  1. these photos (and the way that you used them in the project) are amazing, i love the look of the building and what you said about what the walls would say if they could speak-- it's so cool to be able to see the beauty in something that's changed so much, and it definitely has that falling apart, haunted feeling from the imogen heap song.

    // kani

  2. that building looks so intriguing and I love how you adapted it into your artwork. there is an abandoned cottage/shepherd hut thing round the corner from me and, despite the danger sign, I now feel inspired to explore it x

    1. thank you! that's cool that it's so close to you, i hope you get to explore it! x

  3. Imogen Heap's song is so scarily beautiful. I love your photos of that house. Sometimes, what's falling apart on the outside can be hiding something heartbreakingly beautiful on the inside. xoxo