Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sick in a good way

On Saturday I visited a couple of vintage shops nearby and I took so many photos that I have to make a post especially for them. One of them I had never been to before and it was AMAZING, literally Heaven on Earth for clothes fans. I was wandering round just staring at everything in awe of all the cool stuff in one little shop.

oOoh so spooky
*it's so fluffy I'm gonna die*
I've never seen so many pairs of beautiful,worn in, old Converses
I wanted this skirt so much
Check out those colours
*heart eyes*
*touches all the clothes*
I need more shiny clothing in my life
There is literally a whole wall of leather brogue type shoes
Coolest mirror
Coolest shoes
Love at first sight
Ugly patterns forever
Some pretty brooches
One of the displays, it kind of reminds me of Dita here
If I could choose a necklace, this would be it
I love old, gold frames
Rainbow order makes me very happy
W o w
Hey there
Fun fact: I own a Marilyn Monroe album, it's great
Dream jeans
It would be a crime for me to post without mentioning whatever music I'm majorly crushing on right now
So here we go

They are crazy talented, Becca's voice is insaaaneee.

I hope you're having a good week, 


  1. Ahh- I love when stores have incredible designs in addition to cool clothes- and this store looks like the best (especially the gold and patterns)! Also- the lead's voice in that band is amazinggggggggggg.


    1. Yes I love just looking in shops even when you're not buying, just to see all the stuff!
      I knowwww, major voice envy!

  2. I love these pictures ah! vintage shopping is my fave (and gold mirrors are the best!)


    1. Thank you, Ellie! Me too, even the smell of vintage shops is just amazing haha :)