Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Army Dreamers

This post is all thanks to the fact my hair went well yesterday, which inspired me to take photos *hooray*

I'd also been planning on fangirling about Kate Bush, it just so happened that my army jacket linked this all together nicely, so here begins
                                             my post about the wonders of
                                                                                             space buns,
                                                                                                        my army jacket,
                                                                                                                              and (queen) Kate Bush

Yeah so, my hair is so long that some hairstyles don't work or they just get too painful and I have to take them out. That's why I'm excited. Sadly I had to take my space buns out to sleep (believe me, I tried sleeping in them but no way too uncomfortable).

You're not a true artist until you wear a pencil in your hair, just staying.

 My friend said I look like a Pokémon ???

I bought my jacket at this second hand market kind of shop for £5 a couple of years ago. I love it so much and I'm glad it's finally getting cold enough to layer up ^o^
People often comment on the number of badges there are, yeah not enough. I'll show you a few:

Note: random additions such as ribbons and feathers.

As I write I'm listening to this album..

 I'm going through a Kate Bush phase, I had already watched an hour long documentary on her by 8:30 this morning. She's great.

I listened to her on the journey to and from an interview for an art foundation course I had last week..

And I got in !!! which means this album reminds me of happy and exciting times (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
It's also weirdly nostalgic as I can faintly remember my dad playing it in the kitchen when I was little. I'm studying Wuthering Heights in English this year so obviously this song is always getting stuck in my head.

 I'll leave you with the documentary, ya know, if you fancy getting clued up on Kate
It's pretty good, so enjoy ^o^


  1. Really cute outfit, I like the pattern of your skirt with your awesome vest and your hair... I know how hard it is!!!

  2. Your hair looks SO CUTE! And I like the amount of badgesyou wear, you are so so inspiring to me!


    1. Thank you :) aww that's so sweet! I'm glad you're inspired!!

  3. I love your Peaches pin. It is so sad that she is gone.

    1. Thank you, it was really easy to make! Yes it's horrible :(