Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I'm sweet sixteen and a rebel queen

I am sixteen years and three hundred and sixty three days old. That means I'm nearly seventeen. Seriously, it has only recently sunk in that I'm sixteen, now it's time for a different number already. It's kind of sad really, I don't know, I guess sixteen is a really cool age. You can still get away with being a child, and for the most part people have stopped treating you like one. But seventeen seems old.

*contemplating life*
Sixteen has been good to me, *cue the sickeningly cheesy part* I've done things I never thought I would, or could. I moved school for sixth form (never thought I would) and I made new friends (never thought I could), and surprisingly I actually enjoy it. With said school I went to Rome which meant going on a plane for the first time. That was cool. I learned the bass (one step closer to being Este). I lead worship at church (ok seriously never thought I would ever ever being doing that) and I've also got involved in other exciting musical things. I survived AS Levels, let go of a toxic friendship, saved a bee, and discovered so much new-to-me music. Hey, I also got noticed by some pretty rad people on instagram; Kristen and Sameer from Flyleaf, Josh Sturm, and Tavi Gevinson.

100% charity shop ensemble
In life there's always going to be lows, but looking back, being sixteen had a lot less than being fifteen. I like myself, I'm learning to love my body (ew sorry that is the cheesiest phrase forgive me) and generally just be happier being who I am. I'm less worried about the future, because, like, even if I don't have a clue, God's got it. I've discovered that I love being home alone, my love for charity shops has flourished, and I'm conquering my fear of crossing roads. I also discovered my pet hate (whenever anyone asked me before I never knew what to say), it's when a person waits at the traffic lights but they don't even press the button. I don't know, it just bugs me so much!

Here's a few recent pictures from my instagram:

My granny gave me some baby plants, they're so cute
A watercolour painting of Florence, in this photo it wasn't finished 

*heart eyes emoji* green hair goals

My journals from 1st January last year up until June this year 

Getting ready for going to London for the Tate Modern

Trying to be Kat Von D, I've been rocking loads of biro tattoos recently
This also serves as as a blog birthday (blogiversary?), it was really last month but I forgot. Yay I managed to keep this thing going for a year, can't believe that. Adults keep saying that the years going by will just get faster which is a little worrying seeing as time is already going crazy fast.
My favourite flowers are coming out
I've been listening to loads of Skillet and Of Monsters and Men lately, and I'm crazy about Imogen Heap's song The Listening Chair. Also, I am loving The Runaways.

My favourite music, 1st February last year and 6th June this year (realised I forgot Skillet and The Civil Wars ooops)
Groovy alien gal I drew on the way up to London
Wednesday, Lydia and Janis, top babes
Anyway, this is sixteen year old me signing off for the last time.Thank you for still stopping by and I hope you're enjoying summer (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧



  1. agh your art is so good- especially that groovy alien. i love how the flowers are blooming around this time of year- this summer I've been going on regular walks around my neighborhood and each time i notice some beautiful flowers growing a little more and more. also- paloma faith is so amazing- her style and music just blow my mind. i really love the outfit in the first photo of you ~contemplating life~ and congrats on having all of that rad stuff happen in one year- hopefully seventeen is even better!

    ps- it would be so cool if you posted pictures of some of those journal pages~

    1. Thank you sososo much! I definitely need to go on more walks to see all the flowers, and yesss Paloma Faith is so great (HER HAIR wow).
      Ah your comment was an awesome start to being seventeen, thank you! Oh yeah, I'll probably get together a journal page type post at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.
      Ps-I love your blog, your outfits are so cool