Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The pincode to happiness, access denied

After failing at the 'little and often' kind of routine that every blogger sets out with but many [such as moi] just can't get to grips with, I've decided that I kind of like these posts where I literally just cram everything from the past month or so into a long list that doesn't have much relevance for anyone else but is fun for me to look back on and remember what I was up to. Longest sentence ever. 

So here's some incredibly amateur collage things. I may have just finished a year of Photography lessons but I'm still not good haha, I have to add tacky stickers to improve my outfit selfies.  The backgrounds are from a recent spontaneous trip to the sea.

I was watching Haim and Florence and the Machine performances while I got dressed. I find stuff like that makes me choose more interesting outfits because I secretly just want to be Este. Or Florence. Or *insert name of any cool badass band gal*.

I love my jellies but it's a bit of a lie featuring them because I can't really wear them out anymore (curse Primark and their bargains that break in multiple places after a few wears). Oh well

 Lyrics from Imogen Heap's song Say Goodnight And Go.

Just some doodles, warning: highly addictive but therapeutic. 

Twilight because a) it actually matches my outfit haha, and b) I told myself I could reread them all when my exams are over, and they are now so wooooo. Twiheart 4 lyfe.

And mum, if you're reading this, thanks for that cup of tea ☺

It was Helena's birthday the other day (yes, excuse you for not knowing) so that's my reasoning behind this, kind of. 

Angsty pen and watercolour.

And finally, it's not really a "mix" because these songs don't really go together. But whatever, I like them. I went through my journal and found some of what I've been listening to recently (and added some stickers duh). I went through a phase of being obsessed with Tove Lo, and then with Imogen Heap, now it's just a weird mixture.

Adios for now, I hope you're having a fun life.



  1. I love everything here, from the drawings to the playlist to the outfits.. Evertyhing is so so amazing. I do especially love your drawings though! Out of curiosity, what pen did you use for the angsty watercolour?


    1. Wow, thank you so much!
      I used a fine liner pen called 'uni pin fine line' :)
      Your blog is really cool by the way x