Wednesday, 2 October 2013

There's a time and a place to die

 On Saturday 21st September, we went up to Cardiff to see Paramore. I've been wanting to see them for ages and now I feel so lucky because I've seen my two favourite artists live [Florence + the Machine & Paramore]. I'm one of those teenage gals that discovered Paramore mostly through Twilight, I've been mildly obsessed ever since.

The journey was fun enough, while stuck in traffic on the Severn Bridge we made this little sign and show it to randomers driving by and it was so funny.

 We got there about 3 or so hours early, we bought our merch first then queued for a while but who cares coz Paramore. 

Dr Martens = concert shoes
This was taken by my dad before we bought our Paramore t shirts, I'm wearing my flower crown. Ps my dad didn't stay haha
 It was so cool being surrounded by so many fans, the Parafamily are a pretty stylish bunch I have to say, there were so many people with AMAZING hair and awesome clothes.  

We had a pretty good spot in the crowd, nearer to the front than the back but it wasn't close enough to get good quality pictures so just be warned. I mostly took videos [67 to be exact, I honestly don't know how I managed that ok]. 

The first support act were Eliza and the Bear, they were brilliant. It didn't matter that we didn't know any of their songs, because they're pretty catchy and the band are really good live performers. Since then I've bought a few of their songs and they are just as good as I remember.

Next was Charli XCX. I loved her, she has an incredible singing voice which I don't think you can really hear on her recorded music, but sadly I don't think many of the people at the concert appreciated her which was a bit sad. She had an all female band which was so cool and she's basically a massive babe. I've been listening to her song Nuclear Seasons loads.

By this point I really needed the loo and it was getting really hot and sweaty already [plus this Welsh lady tried to moan at me because I was in front of her and she couldn't see, WELL I'M SORRY LADY, I wasn't I ignored her] but as soon as the intro to Grow Up came on we all went crazy and it's all kind of a big, loud, emotional blur. 

Needless to say, they were amazing. They put so much passion and energy into their performances it's unreal. Hayley made this joke to the seated people that if she was up there getting all sweaty in her latex then they should be up dancing too. Serious question though: why does Hayley not look gross sweaty like normal people but more like a sparkly fairy or something? She said some really inspiring "emo" stuff and darn it her hair bobble was so cute! Sadly we were on the wrong side to get a good view of Jeremy *cries* but I could see Taylor quite well, they're both so funny and probably the coolest guys ever. 

I could ramble on for ages but I'm not going to so to conclude, it was one of the two best days/nights of my life. Despite having two lots of beer spilt on me, seriously though, one was right in my face. One slightly meh thing was that they didn't do Let The Flames Begin which is my favourite, next time [there will  be a next time] hopefully they will [or else]. Ps THEY HAD CONFETTI IN THE LAST SONG STILL INTO YOU <3

 I tried uploading videos but after waiting all afternoon it didn't work, I'll try to upload some on tumblr, maybe.


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