Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cats and other things but mainly cats.

Urgh why does half term always go super fast? So far I've done quite a lot though, usually I just sit at home in my pajamas. 

I guess this is maybe like a photo diary of the last two days, which consisted of visiting family and shopping wooo

Day 1:

My cousins' cats are always having kittens which I'm totally not complaining about

My Auntie's pretty tea set

Pip feat. my sister's chin
One day I'm going to have a black cat called Wednesday

Lola loves me because I let her sit on my lap even though she's big
 Day 2:

Me and my sisters went shopping which was fun, and cute because it was my littlest sister's first time going to places like Blue Banana (which she didn't like, I think it was scary?)and Urban Outfitters, so we got to introduce her to all the cool things we get up to in town like going in to Hollister but not because we like the clothes [we don't like the clothes] but because it's really fun and dark like a maze and it smells soo nice and the staff [aka models in flip flops] always talk to you.

Later we met up with some friends and went for a walk through a forest. I brought my camera and took a roll of film for my photography homework, nearly got lost, and had one of those experiences where a stranger talks to you but you have no idea what they said so you just smile and then desperately wonder what on earth they said and wish you'd asked them to repeat it.

You can kind of see my new Blue Banana tights (◕ω◕✿)
This sweater was £1 from Animals in Distress and those feathers came from a pigeon (?)
Tomorrow (Halloween) I'll be dressing up so I'm hoping to take a load of photos and do a post on that. At church we have an alternative to Halloween party called the Hallelujah Party, sounds lame but it's so fun haha. 

Whatever you're doing tomorrow, have fun and stay safe! xox

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