Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Be swept away by this

These were all taken either at Hound Tor, the Avon dam or Badger's Holt.

I was inspired to buy a disposable camera mostly by tumblr and cool bloggers,I think these turned out nicely (my siblings aren't really Disney princesses btw) and hardly any turned out terribly which is usually the case in my experience of disposables.

This pic didn't come out too well, but there's a version on my instagram which SAMEER FROM FLYLEAF LIKED *fangirled silently since the rest of the house was asleep*. You can't tell from here but they're Flyleaf lyrics.

I love this one and I wish I'd taken more of my room...this is my half of the mantle piece (AKA clutter/mess/CD collection).

Guys, guys, I got my fringe back, woo. When my hair is down I feel like Janice Avery from Bridge to Terabithia which is kind of cool even though she's a bully at the beginning, but anyway. I like it.

I start sixth form this week, apart from being scared that I'm going to get lost, I think it will be ok. The thought of having to put together an outfit everyday is kind of daunting because I don't have that many items of clothing that I actually wear, I think it will  get better once the weather get's colder though. I'm so excited for winter clothes! 

Also I got this really childish lilac backpack which looks like a bigger version of Dora the Explorer's but with more badges and a rainbow shoelace tied on, so that's fun.

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