Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rambling about summer + beyond

By the way, I'm experimenting with new fonts and a groovy starry background because I thought my blog looked boring...
Urgh summer's almost over and that means I actually have to do homework. I have like 2 weeks to visit and review an exhibition at the museum, take a roll of film, take some digital photos, read A Midsummer Night's Dream and do various other bits and bobs. Meh. Seriously, summer's gone so quickly though. 

We went to New Wine for a week, it's super fun and always a highlight of my year, I met some lovely people, worked with some adorable children, experienced God and it didn't rain too much, BONUS. I only took 2 photos which is a bit shameful to be honest, but it's not my fault the batteries ran out.

Tent + wristbands
Brought into Being and The Gentlemen gig
I turned 16 in July, and before anyone asks, no of course I don't feel any older.  
I got my cuff pierced \(*^▽^*)/
Beach partay
 I did other stuff too but it seems too far away to write about now, to be honest. So I'm planning to make necklaces using this tutorial(Rookie DIYs foreva ✌), take pictures with the disposable camera I bought today and yeah just be lazy and count down until PARAMORE YAYAYAY, 1 MONTH TO GO!

September onwards sixth form argh, I may blog loads because I have no friends, or because I meet like-minded bloggy people, or I might not blog at all because I'm overwhelmed with work, or I buried myself in a hole because I have no friends. Maybe I'll become so popular I have no time to blog. I'm joking. Obviously. Basically I have no idea what next year will be like. 

 But I'm looking forward to being able to wear half my wardrobe again, Autumn is my favourite time of year for clothes!

Bye lovely people, I'll leave you with this (I told you I didn't feel any older)

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