Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer vibezzz

 I feel like I haven't blogged for ages but it's been busy around here, it's proper summer now, like almost unbearably hot. I don't do hot weather so much, it's nice and I don't want it to change but I just don't really like summer clothes. Take a look at Sami's blog post here which pretty much sums up what I'm trying to say! I prefer tights and woolly cardigans and boots, but so far it makes a nice change to go out without a jacket or anything. Plus I might get my first proper sunny birthday since I was like one or something  ☼ 

I'm meaning to do some outfit pictures but now that my siblings have broken up for the holidays I'm never on my own so it's kind of awkward. So have a summery photo dump:

I recently discovered Grimes, ohmygosh isn't she the coolest? I first admired her for her style but it was a while until I actually listening to any songs. I'll include her in this because I want to I think her music has a summery feel, it's all trippy and floaty and pretty...

I hope you're all enjoying the weather, have fun!

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