Monday, 29 July 2013

I'll hold you close for comfort, wearing my best dress

Firstly, here's the Effie drawing from my last post -AKA just fangirling- I just realised it actually matches my outfit so that's pretty cool.

My mum was going to give this dress to charity so I took it off her hands! It might be my favourite item of clothing right now, it's just so me. Something I've been subconsciously look for forever and it's just been in my mum's wardrobe the whole time. The fake platform converses are from Blue Banana, my sister also got a lilac pair, because they were only £10!

One of my favourite things to do with an outfit is contrast, so this outfit is kind of witchy Florence 
 Welch meets Japanese street style?

Excuse the mess, I share a room with said sister and I took the chance while she wasn't in the room to take these pictures really quick! 

I like this one best, I feel like a little Victorian ghost child in a horror movie haha

 love, Bethany

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