Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ain't it fun

This post is kind of a dump of random stuff because I don't have anything interesting to say right now, I've just been lounging around in my pajamas to be honest. 

Firstly here's some really cute woodlice that I found in the garden, I love them because they look like they're in love -oh my gosh I think I actually ship 2 bugs...- but look at them, they're holding feelers and everything! ♥

 Here's another one that's just running around being a woodlouse...

 Speaking of cute animals, go have a look at Kaylah's baby bunnies, they are the most adorable things and she'll be doing bunny updates every Monday.

 Next, guys I made a thing! It's like a collage mini-zine thing, I don't know I just saw this comic on tumblr and I wanted to make something with it ♀ credit goes to the artist Ameorry from chromehearts.tumblr.com, she has lots of other cool thing too so have a look.

Ooh um I painted my nails, they're all rainbow sparkly ☆

Have a fun week, here's some inspiration from my tumblr:
-if you own them then let me know and I'll give you credit or take them down-




P.s it's nearly time to open my flower press *yayayayay*

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