Monday, 24 June 2013

Something's missing in me

Well, this morning was interesting. I planned to do an awesome post about all the awesome things I found on my trip to the charity shops, but to be honest they were a bit disappointing, I only found one thing. But it was a good thing so more on that in a sec!

 This was what I wore today, in Salvation Army this old man was like "ooh are you an army girl then?" It's always hard to tell if old people are joking so I kind of laughed awkwardly...

 I was listening to "Missing" by Flyleaf when I got dressed this morning so I wanted to dress all black and lacy, I love that music video so much!

I made a friend :)

What I actually bought in the Salvation Army was this jacket, for 60p, I know, that's why I love charity shops! It's a bit boring on it's own, so I'm thinking about DIYing it a la Rookie (badges etc etc).

I also found these in other shops, so it was a pretty good little trip.

I decided to walk home after this because I was so tired, I was walking around yawning so people probably thought I was a zombie or something, I don't know.

Have a nice day and I hope you find yourself some bargains!

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