Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Paloma Faith Appreciation Post ♫

I'm always going through fazes with music, I love a lots of different musicians but I always have one that is my favourite for a while and it changes all the time. Usually the music I'm listening to effects what I feel like wearing as well. For example if I'm listening to loads of Paramore then I'm more likely to wear skinny jeans and converse but if it's Florence + The Machine then I'll probably be in something more floral with a big floppy hat, I guess it makes sense really... -rambling introduction over-

So onto why I love Paloma Faith...first of all just look how adorable she is, she's so smiley and funny, she has such a sweet personality too:

I'm super jealous of her hair, it's amazing! Her style is so individual, it's quirky yet elegant and chic. 

Also she is a Tim Burton fan, she says he is one of her biggest inspirations and that Edward Scissorhands is one of her favourite films... -maybe you are not as excited about this discovery as me...oh well- and hey, look, she was also in St Trinians!

Anyway, I was looking at quotes by her and I found that we have a lot in common, now I'm just going to bombard you with 13 awesome/cute/funny/relatable Paloma quotes because, um because I can.

"All creative people have to have vulnerability because those nuances are what move people. So I'm deeply insecure - but I'm good at hiding it."

"All the things that I find beautiful have a darkness about them."

"Dressing up is like therapy; I feel better in myself when I've made an effort."

"I don't feel I fit in with morning television because I'm like a vampire and I like to stay up late."

"I don't have a competitive bone in my body, so the last thing I want to do is be competing with people."

"I just have an inability to lie."

"I like someone with a really good and dark sense of humour."

"I like sparkles; I think I'm a magpie."

"I'm really into food; it's one of my favourite things - everything from potato waffles to lobster."

"If I see something that inspires me, I'll dress like it."

"I wish I was more stupid because I'm either completely ecstatic and joyous and absolutely high as a kite or I'm a bit morbid. There's never anything in between."

"All extroverts are closet introverts and all introverts are closet extroverts."

And my personal favourite :
"There's nothing wrong with a thick eyebrow; Frida Kahlo had them."

Here's my Paloma inspired look for today, it basically involved 
Pritt sticking gems to my face, dramatic make up and random accessories!

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